How to Prepare Your Child for a Move

How to Prepare Your Child for a Move

Moving is stressful and challenging for everyone, especially for the little ones. It could be hard for them to say goodbye and leave everything behind. With the right approach, you can comfort your children and prepare them for a life-changing move.

What to do to prepare your kids before moving day?

Mental and emotional preparation should be your priority, so it is crucial to minimize their stress. This could be daunting and add a lot of pressure, but it is not an impossible task. The following are helpful tips that you can do to prepare the kids when moving homes.

Acknowledge their grief

Moving means leaving the house and leaving friends behind; this is difficult for a child. Acknowledge their grief and don’t force them to be cheerful and get over it sooner. Talk to them about the stages of grief and let them make their way through it. This will take them from denial to anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. 

Discuss and prepare ahead of time

The sooner you tell them about the move, the better. Make the children feel included and not left out. Share the reasons and process that led to the decision. Moreover, it will also give them time to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally. Never do it at the last minute. Kids often view parents’ protective selective information sharing as lying. 

Let them make choices

In this situation, there is nothing much a kid can do. They could feel powerless. You can let them help you with some things like packing or letting them make as many choices as possible. This could be picking which toys to bring or the paint color of their new room. Even the smallest thing will do; you’ll see that they are more than willing to participate in the preparation. 

Make them anticipate your new home

Tell them about their new home, what the place is like and what establishments are nearby. Look for areas that you think they will love visiting. Show them photos to help them visualize. Expect questions, so be prepared to answer all of them, especially about their new school. This way, they will feel familiar with the new place, and it’ll make a move less frightening and more exciting. 

Have a moving day plan

The kids won’t have anyone with them on moving day since you will probably be busy helping with the move. They must be aware of how things will go on that day. Prepare a plan and talk through the details. This will prevent them from getting confused when they know what is to be expected. 

With all these things that you need to take care of, it would be best to have reliable and trusted movers to assist you. While you pay attention to what matters the most, Straight Shot will handle all your valuables with care. 

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