Preparing your old house for sale - preparing for moving day

Preparing Your Old House for the Sale and Moving Day

If you’re selling your house, you have several things to mark off your list to ensure it’s ready for a smooth and easy sale. You can hire an estate agent, interior stager, or complete sales teams to sell your house – or you can do it yourself.

Houses are the easiest to sell when they are clean, tidy, free of clutter, and the walls are neutrally toned. Some sites and experts even suggest painting your walls white, others suggest that you should paint them with pale, neutral, matching colors. If this isn’t possible or you just do not have enough time to finish this task, it is important to make sure your walls are clean. Removing clutter, cleaning woodwork, and painting walls can give your room a much-needed lift.

If you’re de-cluttering, you can also begin packing, but consider the fact that some houses sell up to three months before you’re planning on moving, or up to a year after you’ve moved. It is also important not to plan on selling straight away unless your house is in a highly sought-after area, and you’ve got a good, competitive price. Make sure you do your research; if not, you might be in for quite a wait on selling your house, which leaves you waiting to find a new place for yourself.

Estate agents and Realtors do a great job of selling houses, especially here in Southwest Florida. Regardless, in an ever increasingly competitive market, you have to have unique features to sell your house. Whether it is the view you have from your lanai or the number of ceiling fans your home has, each property is unique. The housing market is always expanding, renovations and new construction are at an all-time high within Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

While you are preparing to sell your home, don’t forget to think about how to move all your belongings to your new property (trust us when we tell you it won’t all fit in your SUV). At Straight Shot Enterprises, you will find a welcoming team of movers who are ready and willing to help you during this journey. These Residential Movers are based out of Cape Coral, FL, and serve the greater Lee County area. Specializing in Furniture Assembly and Furniture Delivery, Straight Shot and their team have you covered whether you are moving to a new home or moving new furniture into your home. Give us a call today to learn more about our different services and request your free quote.

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