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Organizing a moving is stressful, but with the right people to help you, it can be easy work done in less time. We are your moving company!

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Residential Moving

Moving homes is no doubt physically and mentally demanding. Lifting and toting heavy furniture is not always an option, especially in the humid weather of Florida! What you need for situations like these is a company with dedicated personnel you can rely on to lessen your task at hand. It is crucial to find the right moving company to provide you with the services you need, and understands how to help get your through this stressful – but also very exciting – day!

Straight Shot Enterprise is just what you are looking for, movers that are well-trained, skilled, and expert at providing moving services. We have half a decade of experience in this industry, helping homeowners transport their valuables from one place to another. No matter how big or small the task is, we can handle it all. To learn more about what we do or book our services, give us a call anytime. Our professionals movers are always ready to help – request your free quote!

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