Learn a Few Tips on Packing for Moving Day

The Packing Order

The optimal packing order is based entirely on preference. Some people like to pack their living room last, some like to pack rooms in two lots – one round to remove the nonessentials and the other to complete packing, and there are others that still like to pack where they can and when they can. No one said it would be easy, but here are a few tips to make your moving day just a little easier:

Deciding on what’s unimportant and can be packed first is a good place to start. After de-cluttering thoroughly, packing any books and getting rid of out-of-season clothes, you can start deciding on a packing schedule. Your packing schedule should take into account any redecorating or repairs you want to undertake – and should also allow for anything you need to use. You wouldn’t want to pack your toothbrush four weeks early!

These essentials should be packed over the last day, so don’t leave out too much – or you’ll find it very difficult to finish packing in time. Items from your wardrobes, the garage, and the shed can be packed as one of your first tasks. If you don’t use your garage and it’s secure, you could even store any boxes there!

Books, videos, and DVDs are another good place to start, helping to leave your essentials out until you are about to move. Packing your bedrooms, toys, and clothes should take place over the four weeks preceding your move, but consider packing as much as you can and keeping out only essentials for an easier moving day. Home offices should keep only a pen and paper if there is any need to make a list or write something down. Pack anything that you don’t use as often – the printer, ruler, or filing cabinet.

Packing your dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils is probably best kept for last. This is alongside any of your home office materials you use regularly. Over the morning of your move, if you can, gather anything that is essential like shampoo, toiletries, and work uniforms & equipment you use for your job. Packing might take over four weeks, but it’s worth it when you arrive at your new home and have everything organized.

Does this sound daunting? No worries, everyone has this feeling when they are preparing to move their entire life. Luckily, Straight Shot Enterprises knows how to make the actual moving day go smoothly. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to learn about the services we offer.

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